Your push notification platform, now with email

OneSignal now supports email as a messaging channel to provide you with more ways to reach users.

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Works on top of existing, affordable transactional email services.


Use the same SDK for email and push. One less dependency to worry about.


Get your email to the right users with powerful segmentation and scheduling tools.

Craft great-looking emails

Our drag-and-drop composer gives you everything you need to create high quality emails.

  • Quickly create personalized email templates that match your company branding

  • Collaborate with your marketing team on email templates, without having to touch your codebase.

  • Your emails will look great no matter what email client they're viewed on - even mobile.

Target just the right audience

Using OneSignal's powerful segmentation tools, you can target exactly the right audience you want.

You can even include custom data tags to target specific users, such as their interests, purchase activity, and more.

Deliver with confidence, at a fraction of the price

OneSignal Email Messaging is a free and unlimited service built atop existing email service providers such as Sendgrid and Mailgun. This means:

  • Your emails will have the great deliverability rates that these services provide.

  • You only need to pay transactional email rates to these services, which are far lower than the rates of typical email marketing tools - as low as a hundredth the price.

An email marketing tool made for developers

We believe email and push messaging shouldn't be locked up in expensive, complicated marketing tools with poor SDKs. That's why we've made it simple for any developer on any platform to set up our SDK and get messaging in just a few minutes. Give it a try!

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